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      Shijiazhuang magnificent garden business limited company (i.e.: The magnificent garden business) is a Lingshou County East Lake society village silica factory which in 1983 established, the earlier period depends upon the non-metallic mineral silica processing, sales reforming becomes a present business company.Along with the current integrated development, in January, 2008 the base company migration is situated in beautiful Hebei provincial capital - Shijiazhuang, the transportation is convenient, favors makes a better service for the customer.
      The magnificent garden business presently divides: Minerals sales outlet, real estate intermediary and network marketing department. 
      Magnificent garden business minerals sales outlet: Own mineral resource manages each kind of non-metallic mineral using Mt. Taihang area Lingshou County within the boundaries of, including the vermiculite, the mica, the quartz sand, the colored sand, the cobblestone, heavy, light calcium powder, Maifan rock, tourmaline, sillimanite, river sand, emery, mica granulated substance, real mineral varnish raw material and so on products, subordinate many processing factories, the source of goods is sufficient, the quality is reliable, delivers goods promptly.Also may have custom-made (OEM) each kind of nonmetallic minerals for the customer.
      Magnificent garden business real estate intermediary: Specialized for the lingshou, the Shijiazhuang real estate customer provides the highest quality service, for buys, rents a room the customer to provide the most accurate information and highest quality quick handles transfers title of ownership the matters concerned.In Shijiazhuang for many plots, the multi-position customer has provided the best service.Welcome my real estate intermediary to rent, to buy the real estate.
      Magnificent garden business network marketing department: Is forms one only then the actual combat experience network marketing team of the multi-senior network marketing expert, the network marketing department, specially for the major and medium small business, the enterprise and individual surfer does business provides the complete set the marketing plan.From the choice domain name, the spatial purchase, the homepage design, the website optimization to promotes management which the software the choice as well as the Ali anxiously good faith pass management which passes with the bright acute hearing business, hundred degree tendering clears and the use, the valley song home, outside tenders promoted management with the use. The enterprise paperless work, the OA system software development as well as the computer assembly and the system maintenance provides a dragon service, provides the complete set for the customer network marketing the entire journey service.Welcome to consult, for the customer creation benefit is our service objective!

 Chooses the magnificent garden, business with magnificent!

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